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Onsite Support Services

Onsite support is still needed despite today’s Advanced Remote Support for software and hardware issues. We offer reduced hourly rates to our contracted customers.

Hulcomp offers comprehensive Service Level Agreement Contracts that are specifically designed to support your business’ IT Infrastructure. These contracts are custom made for every business to ensure a sufficient IT Support Service that will save on time and money.

List of a few key features that we include within the Service Level Agreement Contract

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We also provide telephonic support to our customers. Hulcomp Service Level Agreement customers qualify for free Telephonic Support.




Besides Onsite Support, we provide remote support to our customers. Not only does this ensure an increase in turn-around time, but also a cost efficient service to our customers. Our Service Level Agreement Customers qualify for further reduced rates on this service





Maintenance Services

Our Hulcomp Service Level Agreement comes with a Scheduled Maintenance Service, that is designed to have systems running optimally and detect problems before they occur, thus reducing downtime.

Service Level Agreement Contracts

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